Heart Label Templates Information

Heart 60mm x 66.6mm Label Template

Heart Label Information

60mm x 66.6mm

Please note that these templates are provided in good faith for our customers to use free of charge. Customers should test the suitability of these templates for their requirements (including compatibility with their software/hardware), and are responsible for making any necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible alignment.

All products are manufactured with a tolerance, which is an allowable deviation from the measurements stated on the goods (for example, an A4 Sheet may have a tolerance of +/- 1mm); this tolerance can lead to slight variation in the measurements of label products and so we recommend that customers complete a test print of any template before printing onto their label products so that they may determine if the template requires any further adjustments.

Label Width:60Top Margin:3.95
Label Height:66.6Bottom Margin:3.95
Labels Across:2Gap Across Labels:5
Labels Around:4Gap Around Labels:5
Label Corner Radius:0Left Margin:10
Labels per Sheet:12Right Margin:10
Label Dimensions

Please note that the margins for this label size – particularly when using the bleed templates – are very narrow and may fall outside the printable area of some standard printers, which will prevent the printing of borders and/or coloured backgrounds. If your printer cannot print the full area of these labels, you will need to ensure your design does not use the area that your printer cannot print.

Looking for Avery labels & codes?
We appreciate that some people may already be using software or label designs that rely on the use of Avery codes; some of our label sizes are the same as those offered by Avery, which means that you can use our label products AND continue to use your existing software and/or templates you may already have. If one of our label sizes is the same as an Avery label size, the relevant Avery code(s) will be listed alongside our own Product code(s).

We do not sell Avery labels but many of our label sizes “Avery Compatible Premium Labels” are exactly the same size as those produced by Avery & are compatible with Avery formats.

If you want labels that match a particular Avery size or want/need to use an Avery template to print your labels, you can buy labels from us safe in knowing that they are completely compatible with their Avery equivalents.

Known Label Codes